R & D

Cellular Market

The cellular market affects almost every person in the country and in the world, and so our customer-base is extremely broad, including women and men between the ages of 12-65, and perhaps even more.

The cellular handset has become an inseparable part of life in recent years.

Statistics indicates that over one third of the public updated their handsets for technological or fashionable reasons. The most fashionable and in-demand handset in the case market is, of course, the iPhone, and in Israel there are over half a million handsets.

The demand for cellular accessories continues to increase as the cellular handset and the “Smartphone” occupy greater roles in different areas of our lives, as fashion accessories, cameras, music and video players, laptops, and more.

The cellular market, which includes handsets and accessories, serves a broad customer demographic: men and women, old and young, gadget-lovers and fashion-lovers, as well as customers looking for general maintenance such as chargers, earphones, carrying products, and more.

Research and Development

E & L Global sees itself as a company that specializes in the cellular market. As such, it is clear to us that it is essential that we understand the market trends.

We invest much resource in surveying the markets seeking new trends; we deal with private labels for major companies and carry some of our own brands as well Due to our involvement in the global market, we are instantly aware of changes in trends on the market and we can predict them.